How do you know if an office job is meant for you or not?

Left retail for an office job. I hate it just as much. Feeling lost.

I hated retail. Did it for 5 years.
I’m starting to think I hate the office too. I know it’s early but I already feel so uncomfortable and weird there.

I just want to watch football on the weekends. Retail didn’t allow me to do that.

I got a bottom tier, monotonous job at a fortune 100 as my first office job and I’m already overwhelmed on day three. Training has been odd, I’m just kinda watching people do things.
Im already sitting in on calls and I understand nothing. So many things with abbreviations.

Socially I feel awkward and quiet. I feel so out of place. The reasons as to why I left retail was to get away from customers and so I could watch sports. Starting to think that maybe that was a dumb reason. I just feel so out of place.

Is it too early to know if I’m just not built mentally and emotionally for an office gig?

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