I want to quit my job. I’m lost and really need advice?

28F I’m a certified medical assistant. I’ve been in healthcare since 2018. I have my hair license but didn’t enjoy that either, but my first healthcare job was front desk at an Urgent Care, and I went to a few other different jobs in healthcare. I’ve been at my current job for 11 months. I drive one hour to and from work daily. Im not happy at all, but just staying in my job since it’s stable, and they put me through the medical assistant program with their company. I make $18.47/hour in texas. Also, I’ve worked with very shitty companies and management where I have been fired from 2-3 healthcare jobs in the past 5 years, which made me feel like I didn’t have what it takes to progress in healthcare, so that made me keep trying, and has also caused a lot of trauma. I have associates degree in liberal arts and sciences. I want to change career paths asap. I’m very creative and have a few different social medias with a lot of followers. I like editing videos and I have very good ideas. I love cats, and I enjoy watching crime shows. Im worth way more than this, and the thought of getting up tomorrow morning to go to this job is sickening. I hate it.

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