Nursing School or Try to use my BS Degree?

Need advice!!

Okay this is a long one so bear with me cause i am so lost on what to do or what i’m able to do.

I Graduated college in 2022 i have my bachelors of science degree in community health, but i was biology – pre-med track freshman-junior year but changed because orgo 🙁 i was still planning on going to medical school but decided i wanted a different quality of life (be able to have free time and start a family sooner than later) so i turned to nursing. i applied to a community college adn program just to work on getting my RN and i would only have to take the nursing courses so i’d finish in about a year instead of two but they’re on a lottery so if i don’t get in i’m stuck working my minimum wage job until the next application cycle

(i’m so unhappy)

i’ve been trying to find hospital jobs in the mean time but i’m missing qualifications and i’m not sure what i can do with a community health degree. I thought about finishing a BSN instead cause it would probably only take 2 years as well or less since i have most of the GE and other sciences done but i’m already in sm debt from undergrad :,,,,,,)) I heard that some hospitals will pay for the rest of your school if you sign a contract to work for the same duration after… I did find some information on that but don’t know if it would be my best option

My next steps are waiting to hear back from the community college (im actually super hopeful)

going to try to get my BLS to find a better job

But i just kinda want to know what would you all do in my shoes or give suggestions on what i should do next

Please and thank you!!

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