Should I go back to school? Find a job? Certs etc?

So, Im kind of in a place where I fell like im stuck at a crossroad between me getting older, not having the job that I want (stuck in the restaurant industry) and trying to figure out should I go back to school for a masters or another degree.

Just to give a little background im 26 year old bartender working at two bars that just got released from my job having a contracted HR position. I have a gf and I want to be able to provide for myself and her.

The thing is … what now? My bachelors is in Org Leadership which isnt worth shit with a minor in Psych. Do I go back to school even though I have 30k worth of debt? Do I find some certs to do for some type of well paying job one day? what can I study for maybe a year or so to find a good career path? I need help!!!

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