What other fields to consider?

backstory of my career
Basically operated a small business for the better part of my 20s into 30s. Started as simply a photography/vr company and eventually became totally focused on automotive sector, doing work for lots of dealerships. Managed a dozen employees, opened up a detailing shop in addition. Unfortunately a family member owned the actual business and not a good businessman in the slightest. Covid we ended up having a falling out because he basically asked me to work but collect unemployment (that should tell you enough).
Anyway, I get recruited by one of our dealer clients as an inventory assistant in their corporate office, they’re an up and coming group, acquiring more and more stores etc etc. today I’m doing the same job, more responsibilities, bigger inventory, but pay is not good (same as my last job). Auto Industry has been in a downturn, and I don’t want to be stuck working for dealerships rest of my life. During Covid I got a bachelors degree in business since I left college prematurely to work for this small business. Now here I am almost mid 30s and contemplating an MBA and a whole new career. What sustainable, high growth fields are out there that make sense for me? The only one I’m really not interested in is IT.

Sorry for the long winded post hope someone out there has the time to read and advise me in the slightest.

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