Found out an unbearable, narcissistic acquaintance will be future coworker – how do I approach this situation to avoid problems and cause minimal stress?

I really need advice. I have just recently escaped a terrible, emotionally scarring work situation with a narcissistic boss. I secured a new job in a much better field with much better pay, which is great.

However, I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress over the crazy shit I dealt with in last job rearing it’s head again. I have suffered a blow to my confidence and I’m terrified of encountering another narcissist in the workplace who can make my life hell again.

Last night I was casually scrolling on LinkedIn and I saw that a former acquaintance works in the same role as my upcoming one (different team but same department). This person is arrogant, manipulative and narcissistic and has done nothing but behave badly as long as I’ve known them for. I never had a personal issue with them, but they’ve unleashed their shitty narcissistic behaviour on other friends of mine. They are an absolutely unbearable human and I can foresee a lot of issues working with this person.

I’m now shitting myself, needless to say. How do I deal with this situation? How do I behave around this person so they don’t target me, or see me as a threat? What do I do to ensure this job isn’t ruined for me? Is there a particular persona or behaviour I can adopt that will mininise the chance of problems? I’m hoping that the fact this person actually always liked me will be my saving grace, but I know how quickly things can change with narcissists.

Please help!

(BTW before you say it, yes I am organising therapy for what I experienced in my previous role)

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