I have to do a short presentation on my internship experience in front of CEO, any advice???

I work for a corporate office for a construction company, in their HR department. All of the interns in the program have to do a short presentation (about 2-3 minutes) about their experience. I was told at first that it wouldn’t be scary and that we didn’t have to present a lot, they just wanted to hear what we did this summer. I was also shown presentations of previous years and they also looked short, just like 4-5 slides with some pictures and stuff. But now the CEO and partners of the business are joining. There will also be people tuning in virtually. This didn’t bother me too too much at first because I do not plan on working here after the internship, I just wanted to get it over with, but I’m also now facing more pressure from my supervisor and my department to make sure I make them look good in front of the CEO, which I understand, but I really just wanna make it through without panicking or freezing. My voice shakes ridiculously when I’m nervous and I sound like I’m going to cry even though I’m not and it really embarrasses me. Are there any tips to calm down, or even any medicine to take? I’ve never done a presentation for a job before.

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