Please help! How should I choose between staying at my small company or moving to a larger one?

Hi everyone! I’m currently weighing staying at my current job (small, 250-member medical consulting firm) or moving to a large, global (60,000+ -employee) firm. I have two days to choose whether I will say yes to my job offer at the large company.

Decision points —

1. At my current (small) company, I should receive a 15 K promotion or so within a week.

2. My job level is senior manager at my current company.

3. The new company would pay what I make at this moment (before upcoming promotion). The new company would also give me $6000 to sign on (minor consideration).

4. At the new company, I would be starting off as a lower level position, just under management (non-manager).

5. At my current company, I have created my own department and my job role, as well as the roles of my employees.

Goals: my long-term goal is growth, and I feel that my current company limits me. I’m ambitious and hungry for upward mobility, and have no desire to coast within my role.

Other considerations: at my current company, being a small organization, I have a lot of power and leeway and personal connections with the CEO and upper management. I do not foresee having any of this at the larger company. Additionally, at my current company, I have received a promotion and salary raise every year for 3 years.

Please help me decide! Any data points you can offer in terms of your own experiences with small versus large companies would be hugely appreciated. Thank you ever so much!

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