Should I change my career or it’s just burnout?

Background: I went to school for civil engineering and have been working as an engineer in the construction industry for 2 years. I originally went for this career path because my family is poor and I want to be able to help take care of them. Also I’m the first girl in my family to graduate college and first gen so I wanted to make them proud.

I don’t hate my job and I do well at it. But I just feel like a zombie and just exhausted all the time. I’ve always been a creative person and wanted to be in the art industry when I was little. But I didn’t pursue it because I value financial stability a lot. So I’m not sure if I should change my career or it’s just slight burnout. I really want to have a remote job with less stress and or interaction with people. But what should I do now? Should I look into getting a master in something else or sign up for classes/courses for another career?
I hope anyone can help give me some advices…

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