Should I look for a new job or try to get by a little longer at my current one?

I work as an Automation Engineer for a pharmaceutical company. I’ve been there for almost 3 years. I’ve become very frustrated with the way things are going at this company.

It was acquired by a Chinese company and they are driving the place into the ground. They took away the pension plan which was a huge reason why I took the job. I would’ve had to work there for 5 years to be vested in it but now, the time I put towards that just vanished. They’ve also stopped giving raises and are not filling any positions that open up.

I am the only person here who does what I do and I feel like it puts a lot of visibility on me when things go wrong. I recently forgot to turn a system back on which caused some equipment to fail and need to be replaced. It was an honest mistake and I probably would’ve caught it but I had to immediately go and put out another fire. I received a formal warning from my manager today.

During our meeting, he mentioned that the security guard mentions that I stare at my monitors all day and that it seems like I’m just spaced out. There is a camera right above my desk which was installed 2 years ago after someone stole a monitor from my area. This camera is incredibly stressful for me. I recently ran into the guard in the bathroom and while I was peeing, he asked if I ever get bored of looking at my screens all day. Looking at screens is a big part of my job. My manager has also had me log my time down to the minutes in the past which I found to be micro-managey.

It’s discouraging to see people who are about to retire phoning it in and causing issues every day yet I’m the one being disciplined. I feel like I’m one of the few people here actually improving things and it kills my motivation to see a lack of action to change things at a company-wide level. My manager mentioned that he would like me to get faster at completing projects but I never get any deadlines. I come up with my own weekly tasks and he just goes with whatever I put down.

Anyway, if you’ve read this far, thank you and I appreciate any advice.

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