Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?



Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I have a work situation that is leaving me struggling with my next step. I’ve worked at a smaller, local bank for 6.5 years. The past 3.5 years I’ve been working as a commercial lending assistant supporting 7 commercial lenders. As I’ve learned more and been in my role longer, I’ve taken on more and more tasks. Currently, I am overwhelmed. My boss is having me take on an additional task that I do not believe I have capacity for. I expressed that I am already feeling overwhelmed and I am very concerned about this task being completed. My boss countered back with basically, “This was the plan from the start of the project -” (it wasn’t actually) “- and one of your lenders is retiring this year and won’t be replaced, so you’ll have capacity.” Never mind the fact that just because the lender isn’t being replaced… like his clients still exist??? They’re just being transferred to an existing lender. The work load won’t change, it will just be someone else’s name as the lender.

Some other context:I was just turned down for a promotion that would have been the next logical step in my career (credit analyst). Everyone on my team knew that I was going for this position and I had so much support in applying, even from the manager for that specific role. He and and I had multiple conversations over the past year about how to become a credit analyst, what I need to do, what courses I should take, etc. I made it into the top three candidates and we were all given a mock analysis to do. I did a great a job with no formal analysis training, just using what I’ve picked up over the years working in commercial. But some “golden goose” candidate applied who could basically run the entire credit department and it would be foolish not to accept him.

This is the second time in the past year that I’ve gone for a logical promotion and did not receive it. I have never had a bad annual review and my feedback is always positive. I am currently the highest I can be as a lending assistant and there are no obvious growth options at my current bank. I could switch into consumer banking but I did my time as a teller/in a branch and I don’t want to go back to that. Plus, commercial is much more interesting/exciting.

I’m also dealing with some health issues, and my boss doesn’t believe in WFH. I have two of my doctors ready to write notes in support of having a WFH option, and getting anywhere with my company on that has been like pulling teeth.

Overall, I’m feeling so defeated and… disrespected/taken advantage of? I feel like it’s time for me to leave, but I’m really torn. I don’t want to look like a brat, like I’m quitting because I’m not getting my way. But I also don’t want to be a doormat, and I’m grossly underpaid for the quality of work I do. Overall I like the organization I work for, and their values, but right now I rarely go a day without crying at work or crying once I get home.

Do I leave? Do I stay? Am I being a big weenie and upset for no reason?


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