Am I in the wrong? Corporate meeting gone wrong

I’m a month in the job so I’m obviously excited to get started. I’ve been in this Industry for 6 years. So I would like to say I know a thing or two about my job even if I’m new to this role. We had a meeting with our team and directors, which had to present on metrics etc. I started with goals with the next 30-60 days and brought examples of what I thought could be improved. One of the examples I gave was allowing the system to work for us and moving away from manual orders. I’ve been told by our planner he believes we’re not sending it to the correct stores and digging into the details we do have an opportunity. An example was an item the supplier tried to order 20 weeks of supply to our bottom stores and the action I took was to ask for them to reallocate the product to top doors. When I said this my team freaked out acting like they didn’t know…. Which left me speechless because we discussed it the week prior and they are all on the email chain as well. The director was shocked as well. In my last 6 years I’ve never felt more humiliated in my life. I wasn’t trying to throw a supplier under the bus but trying to take action on things that need to be improved. It was just an example and everyone literally freaked out. We came out and my team didn’t talk to me and my planner was like you’ll learn going forward what to say and what not to say so we don’t ruffle anyone’s feathers.

I feel terrible and honestly don’t even want to go to work next week. Did I actually not say the right thing?

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