Coworker seemed disappointed when I said I liked my job, not sure what to think of this?

I’ve been at a newish job for the last two months. No, not everything has been perfect, but it’s easy so I plan on keeping it for a while as I go to grad school.

Anyway, this week my coworker has been dumping a lot of her work on me and calling it “training”. I havent really cared because the work is cake. Then tonight out of nowhere she asks me “be honest is this what you thought you would be doing” and “are you actually happy here”?

I told her for the most part it was, despite some initial misunderstandings about OT and that yes I’m happy. She seemed pretty disappointed with my answer, particularly the “yes, I’m happy” part. I’m feeling pretty bothered about it. I have no idea why she would be disappointed that I’m staying.

There’s not very many of us, I work with 3-4 people other than her. I also noticed she’s been taking extremely long breaks. The other day she was gave me some work and then disappeared for 3 hours.

I dont know what to make of any of this. Should I start looking elsewhere? I’m wondering if they realized they dont really need me or something?

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