Can I become an SAP consultant in a field with no experience?


I \[25M\] recently took a job as an interpreter at an IT company. The team I belong to does SAP implementation. I was told that learning SAP would help my career because interpretation on its own is not that valuable a skill. I agree, and am willing to acquire other skills, but I have no IT experience and every attempt of mine to learn programming has gone poorly.

I took a basic SAP ERP course and understood that SAP has technical and functional modules. So naturally the idea I got from this was to learn a functional module. However, with no experience in Finance/Accounting or Sales or Logistics, etc. what can I do here?

I was thinking of taking some basic accounting courses on udemy and then learning the SAP finance modules, but with no real finance or accounting experience, I wouldn’t be seen as a reliable resource, would I?

I worked in HR Shared Services before this, so I did consider learning the HCM module, but couldn’t find much information about how viable that would be. I also would like to work in other countries but since HR requires good knowledge about local laws, it wouldn’t be ideal to continue in HR if I want to move somewhere else.

I’m overall a bit confused so any guidance would be appreciated.

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