Does this sound like they are getting ready to let me go?

I am contracted for 6 months, but I filed for an extension to go up for 18 months (the full maximum term.) HR and my project manager were up for It, they told me to go through with the extension process which I submitted a month ago. My job coordinators called me into a 1 on 1 meeting this morning, and they straight out told me they do not know if I will get the extension as planned. According to my project manager and other members of my team, I have been working unsatisfactory, and the company is heistant to extension. I am shocked, my P.M. always gave me great reviews in my check ins with the coordinators and HR. The only thing that was weird recently was that they paused me on all their projects suddenly and moved me to another team. They only told me this would be temporary for a couple weeks while they were on vacation, but then It turned into that I was officially on this new team now. I told my coordinators this. All they can do is apologize on the behalf of my coordinator’s miscommunication between them and I. They gave me advice on how to improve if I got the extension, but all I can do is talk to the hiring manager. I talked to the hiring manager and they told me this: “Thank you for reaching out. We are currently reviewing our staffing needs and will follow-up with you next week. Thank you for your patience.” I am worried because that means I will not know until next Friday or so…and then the following week would be my last week. I am so worried. Any advice on how I can improve this situation?

More info: They said that if I got the extension, It would be for an additional 3 months, then they would need to review me again for another 3 months. They also told me during my time there, they stopped providing the maximum 18 month period, and I can only go up to 12 months. I do find this a bit unfair, as in my contract It says I have the opportunity to extend up to 18 months. I was not aware of this change until today.

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