How to start a career in grant writing or something similar?

Some background: I have a BA in English with a creative writing concentration. Currently (and for the past few years), I work seasonally between the ski industry in the winters and whitewater rafting in the summers. I love working seasonally, despite the challenges. I’m looking to try and (mostly) transition out of the ski industry/winter and work more during my off time: fall is my biggest chunk of “spare” time.

That being said, I’m interested in doing something freelance and (bonus) remote. It had been suggested to me to look into grant writing, but I don’t know where to start? Google gives advice for those who have zero experience or degrees. I have the degree (right?!), but where do I go from here? My resume is 99% service/tourism industry: snowboard/ski instructor, whitewater raft guide, waitress/server, sales, cashier, etc. I have almost 10 years of time with various certifications to advance career/pay in my summer/winter fields. I’m now 34F and need to supplement with more “stable” and long-term work to fall back on when the tourist industry is not booming. My main gigs have gotten me interested in environmental stuff, which would keep me engaged in WHAT I’d be writing on. (I took a “Water Resources” class last spring and really loved the field it was designed for.)

Currently, as far as “tools” go, have a super old Chromebook that I’d be willing to replace with either another Chromebook OR small-caliber PC if that’s more appropriate.

Currently located in New Mexico, but live a bit transient and have done time in CO and MT. I’d like to stay in NM since I’ve created a stable “home base” and am more interested in doing this kind of work remotely.

I’d appreciate any insights and/or suggestions to develope this career path! Sorry if it’s a little rambling, I just don’t know where to start! Thank you in advance!

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