So lost! BBA with Accounting Experience however no actual accounting degree. Not sure what to get my master’s in?

I went to school to get my Business Administration Degree, however, I should have gotten my degree in Accounting. I have worked AP/AR done some minor JEs and barely assisted with payroll. I have been miserable in my last two jobs so I left after only a few months. Controllers will get super upset with and sometimes yell. However, my first AP role was great and was making 50k. On my last role I was only there for 3 weeks but kind of learned the full AP cycle in such little time. Just by googling bc my controller was old asf and didn’t even know how to cut check on the software.

Now I got a JR. Accountant role. Keep in mind I really don’t know how to do all of accounting! I barely know the AP cycle. Which is all they required. They were impressed with me somehow in the interview and offered me the job. I only told them about 3 way matching with receiving and P.Os they said right now they just want me to manage AP. Treat it like my baby and for that I am getting 60k+. Which i feel is too much to get paid for just AP. They asked me to walk them thru my AP process so I did.
(3 way match(adjust receivins on p.o to match, invoice) Enter-coding, Approvals, Payments)

Moving forward, i am discouraged due to my previous jobs and didn’t even took this interview too serious. Because I decided leave the accounting path for good. I was doing deliveries to make ends meet and feed my dog and decided to get my Master’s in DATA SCIENCE. I KNOW A BIG CHANGE. But was really struggling so I took this job . Now i am uncertain if i should just get a master’s in accounting and move up since I have a good job or just change it completely. Also I am not even sure of my own capabilities since my last controller was super mean and said I was incompetent. I’m even scared of losing this job tho I have never been fired from a job.

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