37yrs old, 1 kid, should I get a master’s?

Edit: 11 years, hydrogeology in environmental consulting (basically environmental engineering). I have a Professional geologist certification

As the world progresses more and more towards putting more worth into someone’s education so they can forgo training, I’m starting to feel like my worth in the working world is dwindling because even with a lot of experience under my belt, I’m still not as good, on paper, with some kid with2 years of experience because they have better education than me.

The reason why I ask is because of one thing………I SUCK at school and I’m so scared that if I go back, I’ll do terribly and just waste years and lots of money. If only adding a few more years under my belt raises my worth, then I’d rather do that, since I learn best through actually doing the work, not by what’s theoretical.

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