How did You Discover the ‘Job’ for you?

I’m a bit lost. Everytime I read some of the comments on this form, I’m honestly a bit jealous how others have found a career path that really ‘gels’ with them either economically, socially, or spiritually or a combination of all of these traits. I know what I want to be, is be useful and effective in whatever I do, and learn actual skills.

Some background information:

College graduate
Several jobs as a marketing associates/ manager at some firms in Arizona.
Joined Military and Commissioned as an officer, currently an O3. I’ve had positions as a Platoon Leader, Maintenance Control Officer, and a Executive Officer and now a S4.

I’m very dissatisfied with my current career trajectory. I think I’m not mentally wired to do white collar work, but that’s most of my background. When i was a marketing manager, it felt like i was building widgets for some far off company and person I’d never see, I absolutely hated not seeing anything tangible associated with my work. To an extent its the same thing as an officer. Sure I’m book smart, but I’d much prefer to do something with my hands for a living. I’m a very active person, I’m constantly in motion doing things. I hate desk jobs, I always look for a reason to leave the desk.

I come from a very white collar upbringing and my parents are always confused at my interests in blue collar work or trades. They are both practicing medical doctors and way more intelligent then I’ll ever be.

How did You Discover what was the ‘right’ calling for you? Are you driven by Economics or the perks or the career trajectory? It can sometimes feel like everyone’s in the right career but me. If I want to move into trades, is it going to be difficult to justify to any city or unions because of my white collar background?

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