Indecisive Work Environment: How Do You Cope?

Hey all,

I need some advice. About two months ago, I started a new job. I really like it for the most part. The people are really nice, including the owners.

It’s pretty relaxed, though sometimes things can be a bit contradictory. For instance, we have to submit a daily report of what we worked on into a time management system, then send our supervisors a weekly report at the end of day. It drives me nuts that we have to log what we’re doing multiple times a day and seems like a massive waste of time, except for some staff where their entire job is documenting all day. But bringing that point back, we log all this stuff but then most staff says nobody is checking it. And then immediately after that, I’ll get a ping from my manager saying how much he loves the detail of what I’m logging.

Anyways, I work with a colleague who I sort of manage now. He’s had a pretty tough time, but the nice part was that he told me he felt rejuvenated creatively when I joined. He’s been there 5 years. When we started working together, we were doing all kinds of great things—while our boss was on vacation. Our boss, who is the owner along with his spouse, is very friendly. But him and his partner are insanely indecisive. There is a lot of I need this right now, then he isn’t ready to unroll it. My colleague, and others, are incredibly demoralized by this.

How do you manage a situation like this? If you have a really indecisive boss, what is the best way to make progress? Some of us at work have said we feel like there needs to be an intervention. The business is great, but the owners seem very concerned about the finances. The problem is it’s a bit like Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. They are really stuck in patterns they think worked well pre-Covid, but this is totally different world. It’s also really bumming out people who actually care and work really hard. Also, you get stuck in this pattern of being stressed because we need to log our accomplishments but we never accomplish anything because the owners never want to move forward.

Any words of wisdom are much appreciated!

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