Should I take the job offer?

Going for a Night Shift position

I’m a registered nurse and have been working for 2 years total. I’m comfortable at my job skill wise and have friends.

I have been on dayshift for 8 Months after having been on nightshift for a year on the same unit. I prefer days over nights.

I am also a morning person.


I’m not fully happy with my job and have been wanting to either go for graduate school, or switch specialties as an RN.

For a while now I have been wanting to do something more or at least something different.

I was recently offered a job in a neonatal ICU, which to me sounds so interesting and exciting. Completely different from what I do right now. The con of the job is that it’s for nightshift.. and it’s making overthink if the job is worth it.

I’m very worried about going to Night Shift. I have a happy life outside of work because of my normal schedule. I work the same hours as my significant other and I have time to do things I enjoy.

I feel that work life balance is good for me at my current job.

I guess I just want input on whether I should accept the job and if it’s worth it.. I’m getting a slight promotion salary wise but nothing crazy. It would be in an area that is different which is what I want i wanted. It’s just not the schedule that I want.

Can anyone give me advice or life expertise? In my mid 20’s for reference.

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