What can I do to earn enough to allow my wife to stay at home?

(38M) I need a way to earn more money. I make 75,000 /year currently. My wife makes about 65,000 / year. I have a masters in Education (principals certificate). What I need help with is this: I want to make 110k or more so I can just allow my wife to work from home. I have 10 years management (schools) experience hiring, coaching, firing, marketing,teaching student management, training, you name it . I left that for a remote job In Education software that paid about the same and allowed me to work from home.

I can’t just go be a principal now, because all of my experience is sped private schools, and publics don’t care too much for that. I don’t think I can find private school jobs willing to pay that much.

Given this information, does anybody see a good field I could pivot into as a manager and try to get over this hump of income?

I realize In the grand scheme of things, I’m lucky. We are lucky. But I want my wife to have the option to stay home and my kids to be in their same school district. I’m open to all advice.

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