26M I’m not sure if I should choose comfort over a pay raise and possible career growth, I’m I being foolish?

I need honest guidance. I work as a lead property claim adjuster making 20.15 an hour and I have been given offer to go to a company to be basically a glorified staff accountant/accounts payable guy for 27.40 an hour

(41k to 57k).

This may sound silly but is this worth it? Right now, at my current job as a claims adjuster I am burnt out at my company being here 2+ years due to my lack of growth opportunity (a company wide issue) and just dealing with our lack luster partners.

The big benefit working here is that I am 100% remote even though the company is local. I can goof off 80% of the day every day, go shopping, gym, etc. and still get work done.

The other job I HAVE to go in office. Although it’s a very nice place only 6 mins down the road. I have to dress well, pack food, wake up early, etc.

Also the new job benefits are slightly worse than my current one.

Idk what to do because it took nearly 3 months just to get 1 offer after putting in 50+ apps. I’m trying to decide should I give up my comfort for a job that pays more and could provide growth or stay here and keep searching but hate everyday and have the freedom I love working from home?

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