Will I ever find what I’m looking for or… What should I look for?


I’m struggling to find my path. i’ve got a lot of education in different fields, because I am curious and I like to learn new things. I also have work experience but everything it’s just average, because I’ve been always looking for the “dream job”. What should I do, now? I’m “Old, but I’m not that old, Young, but I’m not that bold”. On my CV I look like… with a lot of studies but nothing specialised on & with a lot of experience but not good enough. I’m lost!!!I am a photographer and BA (Hons) and MSc graduate in Visual communication, Design, Digital and Social Media Marketing fields. I did work as graphic designer but long time ago – it doesn’t count. I am photographer, but a bit of each style. I’m lost!!!
Any advice? Is there any… organization, association, something, like a Career Psychologist 🙂 which can patiently listen and guide? I don’t think I’m the only one in this situation. Am I?


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