Content manager. What else can I do?

I work as a UX writing manager. We write the content that appears in an app. Not marketing content.

The problem is, we’re always an afterthought. I’ve had the same problem at several companies, and no amount of advocating for change does any good. My manager is useless and basically told me to stop caring. I want out of UX writing for good. But where do I go?

The current climate for UX jobs is terrible, so moving into UX design doesn’t sound too appealing right now. I have a friend who has set up a company and asked me to do the marketing, but I’ve never done that before so it seems a bit disingenuous of me to say yes and basically fake it till I make it, following whatever guidance I can find online.

I’ve management experience in tech, niche content experience. Is there anything obvious I could transition into (with some online courses etc.) that I’m missing? Is AI coming for content jobs anyway? Would I be better trying to improve my design skills and learn some kind of no-code tool so I can build some basic websites and go freelance? I’m really lost as to what to do.


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