How to break into a field without specific previous experience?


I’m a communications and media student, second year in community college. Had a lot of up and downs due to my mental health which made it hard to focus on anything else except the current jobs I was working. Currently I’ve finally gotten my mental health under control with the correct medication/therapist and healthier lifestyle.

I’ve managed to work my way up in the hospitality industry (started as dishwasher/prep cook), now with experience as a server and bartender.

The hospitality industry in my (major city) has dried up. Not too many jobs available, jobs that I’ve held recently have been extremely slow (being cut early, less hours, less tips because of less customers).

I’ve recently been laid off of one of my jobs due to the owner’s failure to pay rent and employees.
My second job I loved but had to quit due to an unsafe scenario (dated a coworker, relationship ended in DV).

I want to start fresh but I feel like I don’t have many options. All the call center/customer service jobs I’ve seen all requiere a year of experience in the specific field (insurance, medical, clothing, etc).

I have plenty of transferable customer service skills such as: strong writing abilities, being a quick learner, overall positive person, strong drive to work long hours.

How would I start to seek a steady remote customer service role while I finish my degree and get internships in my field (T.V, Film Production)?

I’m alone, no financial support from parents since 18. Nowhere to stay. I’m freaking out over possibly becoming homeless if I don’t get something soon.

I’m also open to work in office of course.

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