Is it right to change jobs for more money when there’s nothing major wrong with my current role?

I have an offer on the table for a 30k bump, interesting work and what sounds like a good team. I think I can really do well at the new company.

However, when I tried give my notice today my current company suggested it’s a bad industry to move into and they could offer me more long term growth. The only issue I have with my current company is they said I’m *the* top performer, yet I’m paid 14k less than my peers. Due to budgetary constraints they can’t close the gap.

Hard worker who does lots of OT to make myself the top performer and I do believe in the company, but hoping to buy a house and think I should maximise my earning power even if it’s not a great industry. Am I ruining my career path?

(Currently in tech, new industry is insurance)

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