Urgent situation can someone give some advice on my background check?

As you can see from my previous posts I have been struggling a lot recently. Finally, I made it to a final round interview with a company, but now they want to do a background check.

I didn’t lie about anything in my CV. However, in my last job, I wasn’t doing well because of my mental health problems and my personal life problems. (Another reason: I am a software developer focusing on backend. At my last job, most of my tasks were frontend and I was not good at it.) In the end, they said I was not as good as they expected, and suggested they can only hire me as a junior developer. I felt bad, and also because I was not in a good situation, I quit that job myself.


I didn’t have any conflict with any colleagues there though, but I am also not very close with them because I was only there for 6 months and worked online.


This background check is done by HiPeople. I cannot provide them with my previous companies in China(where I did a great job and made a lot of friends at work) because most of my colleagues don’t speak English and there is no LinkedIn in China.


Now this company I am applying for asked me to invite a manager and 4 colleagues to do my background check. What should I do? How do I ask my former colleagues to do this? Do you think my former employer and my colleagues would say bad things about me? Would they tell them that I didn’t do a good job there? Honestly, I don’t even know if they would agree to do this for me. I feel so bad and extremely anxious. Please I appreciate any advice 🙏

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