Why is my boss mad at me leaving the work at the right time?

I’m a designer at a small company with total of 5 people. I work 9-6, earning around 1800dollars. I don’t make alot. And we don’t get paid to work more. Normally I have worked late once every three months, and if busy 2 times a month.

Normally I go home exactly at 6. And I always finish the job on time.

But past 3 weeks, my boss is getting pissed when I leave work. When I say See u, she normally replies back. But these days she barely responds. Just a “mhm” in a really pissed off tone.

Last time at the meeting, she told us to re-do my work based of some references. She said if you think its not enough, you should stay late and work on it. I didn’t work late, but I finished it right on time and showed her today.

She told me I don’t put my best effort into my work these days. And she was quite mad at me for not thinking. So she told me to re-do it.
I did it again, finished it and I was leaving work today. I told her see you. And She completely ignored me and walked passed me.

I’m very confused. She is mad at me for what? Fyi this is my first time working, its been 8-9 months.

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