Stay or go?

So I just graduated college, and took a job as a researcher for the government. I moved away from my home state to take this position, and it was the only job I got an interview for so was very excited to start. I’ve been at this job a few weeks now, and I already hate it. All I do is sit there and run code that someone else has already written, and many days I’m sitting for hours on end doing nothing while the code runs. I realize now that I was just hired so they could pay someone full time to do this, and the salary isn’t even very good to begin with. Going to work is very depressing, as I work in a dark computer lab and my coworkers are all postdocs who have no interest in socializing or connecting. I talked to my boss and he pretty much said that not much is going to change, as the projects are just slow and that he is unable to put me on another project. I’m currently looking for remote jobs in the environmental field (which was my major) but feel stuck as I already signed a lease. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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