People who did a complete 180 on their career field, at what age did you do it and hows it going for you now?

Hi all, so I’m (29M) kinda through a mental turmoil with regards to my future in my job. Currently I work for a big medical company where I fix and service different machines. The benefits and salary is great, I get along well with managers and colleagues. My problem is dealing with the clients, having to chase and beg them for order numbers, having to explain to them why I can’t essentially give them free work (I have my own targets and other clients who have just as pressing problems I have to deal with etc) and its reached a point where I’m starting to feel numb to life.

I’ve started debating and looking into potential other avenues I can move to as I’ve only ever worked in this field and thinking I need a fresh start.

So for those who quit their original field of work and went into something completely different (eg. Lawyer to personal trainer as an example) how was the process, did you regret it and how are you doing financially?

Thanks in advanced!

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