Redundant in a relatively new country – resume looks like a patchwork by now. Any advice?

Following my master in Financial Markets and Investment Management in 2010, I started working in a bank, in Project Finance department in Turkey, as a credit analyst. then moved to a trade credit insurance company, still in Turkey. After 3 years in that position, the company moved me to Italy, to surety department. after 2 years in Italy, I needed to move to Australia, due to family reasons (partner’s job).
When I arrived to Australia, I did not know anyone, it was the beginning of 2020 – shortly after Covid exploded. But I managed to land a contract job for 6+3 months, still in trade credit insurance – worked for that company for app. 8 months, left when I found more stable, permanent position in a brokerage company. Stayed there for 14 months but understood I am not a commercial person, missed being a credit analyst. Started looking around again.
Finally, found another job in direct, commercial lending in april 2022 – in a fintech start-up. I was extremely happy. in the end of May, the company terminated its activities in Australia – made all Aus employees redundant.
Career summary:
\- 4 years in banking – project finance
\- 3 + 1 years in trade credit insurance – in risk
\- 2 years in surety
\- just over 1 in brokerage
\- just over 1 year in fintech startup – commercial lending
Since 01/06, I am looking for a job with no luck. Managed to get some interviews; got declined with reasons:
\- overqualified; you will get bored
\- not sufficient direct lending experience.
\- not sufficient tech knowledge
\- not sufficient people management experience
I feel stuck. Unfortunately, I do not have permanent residency yet (applied, pending approval) so I can not apply for the banks (they all require PR or citizenship). I am aware my resume looks like a patchwork now – but it was not intentional; indeed the only 2 companies I left voluntarily was the bank (like 8 years ago) and brokerage company recently. I made clear the contract work but not sure if I need to clarify redundancy (2.5 months ago) also.
I am getting my resume professionally written now and help with a cover letter – but I do not know how to manage / where to direct my career. I am happy as a risk analyst – I prefer not going back to trade credit insurance but I see a very limited future in commercial lending or surety when I can not apply for the banks. The ETA for my PR is around February 2024 but I think I am a workaholic and deeply sunk in depression at the moment.
Can you please let me know if you have any idea how to proceed? Any insight, anything I am missing?
Thank you in advance,

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