Should I work a day or two per week as a bartender in addition to my 9-5? Are there better 1 day/week side jobs?

I have a pretty decent paying full time remote job (100k), but the cost of living here in Boulder and some substantial debt from some recent home rennovations have me thinking of other ways to earn cash on the side. We have a budget that will help everything get paid off eventually, but I miss eating out and going to concerts all the time like before I had a mortgage. My employer doesnt care about side jobs as long as it doesn’t interfere with my regular 40 hours per week or directly compete with our company’s business.

Anyone have experience working just a day or two in the service industry per week? Is that feasible? Or practical? Really annoying? Anyone have experience with other side jobs that could only take a night or two per week?

I’ve never bartended before and realize I might need to get a license. For that reason I might try a brewery first so I don’t have to learn a million mixed drinks all at once. I’ve also always liked the idea of owning a bar, and even though that might not ever happen, working at one for a little bit might scratch that itch for me.

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