What to do?

I work in a small chiropractic office. There’s the doctor, his assistant and myself, the office manager. I started back in March when the previous office manager of 7 years moved. The asst. & previous manager are best friends so she took it hard when the manager left. She also didnt handle the transition well because she wanted the office manager job.

When the Dr approached me for the job it was said that the asst would not make a good office mgr along with having 3 kids and inconsistent day care he chose to look elsewhere and sought me out.

First day met with caddy weird behavior from the previous office manager and the asst. Showing me the basics of the system and then walking away to chat with eachother. There were 3 days and then she moved. She now works remotely and processes all of the billing from insurance. I will email her questions and will get blunt replies or i would ask how to fix something and she said she would fix it instead of teaching me. All frustrating.

I’ve worked hard to make friends with the asst. But there have been multiple occasions that have caused me to stop. There’s a lack of professionalism with handling problems she has with me or situations and blows up about something ive done wrong. This past week when she walks in the door ill greet her and its just cold. Followed by short communication.

Last weekend we had an office party. The office manager was in town and came with her husband and 1 year old. I picked up the food and was carrying it to the table. The asst without saying hello asked of i brought a hot sauce (the old office managers favorite) i replied no and hello to you too (as in that was not discussed, there were 3 different salsas ordered, and im sorry bring your own hot sauce if your that obsessed?) She followed by telling a story of the office managers wedding where the caterers didnt have this hot sauce so she made them go out and get it. The rest of the party neither one of them spoke to me or my partner.

Long story short.. im over the caddy emotion based behavior. I want to show up, do my job, and go home. With being such a small office i need a teammate not an adversary..

What would you do? Would you leave?

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