Which job should I take?

I’ve got 2 job offers on the table. Both are administrative roles, which is my background.

1. Union job, hybrid role (2 days a week in office, 3 wfh), within walking distance of my home, 7.5 hr work days, with the option to work the extra 0.5 hr/day and bank that time as paid time off, 30 min unpaid lunch. Being union, pay is a set rate with regular annual increases and a standard 2.5% bonus potential (based on performance reviews) Starting rate is $81.5k/yr, 7% matched RRSP contributions and 3 weeks vacation. I’ve never worked for a union before, the job security and set raises is appealing to me.

2. Corporate job, 100% in office with some flexibility, also within walking distance of my home, 8 hr work days, 1 hr unpaid lunch, 4 weeks vacation, possibility of bonus likely in the 2-3% range (based on company performance) Starting rate is $85k/yr, 5% matched RRSP contributions and 4 weeks vacation. My last job was corporate and I worked my way up the ladder but was laid off after 7 years of giving it my all to the company.

The union job brings security, but the corporate job has tons of potential for growth and I do love working hard… Though I like money the most. 🙂 I’m extremely hard working and money motivated. I’m tempted to take the corporate gig as I have no doubt I’ll be successful, but I’m so burnt out by the corporate world and I wonder if the union job would be smarter for my mental health and stability in the long run. Crunching the numbers, they come out pretty even (within a few thousand a year). I’m struggling to make the decision and wish I had a crystal ball!

What would you recommend? Anything I am not considering? I’m open to all and any advice! Thanks in advance.

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