From classical musician to tech?

I am so stuck. I have a bachelors and masters degree—both in music performance. I play the flute, teach flute, etc. with a nonprofit. It is paying the bills but ultimately, the stress of not having enough has taken its toll on me. Ironically enough, I want financial liberation as I believe that it will allow my creativity as a flutist to flow!

I recently found a promising, accelerated online BS degree in cybersecurity that is both affordable and has great feedback from graduates who have found job placement. Sounds like a plan, right?? Why am I questioning this????

None of my family or friends are very supportive. They are telling me that I am not working hard enough at flute despite the 4 hours a day I spent practicing on top of 8 hour work days this entire year; despite the $4k in debt I am from paying for expenses related to orchestral auditions.

Ultimately, my dream is to perform at a high level and work at a high level in a nonprofit/create a nonprofit with a focus music education/art for kiddos. It’s what makes me happiest, but the money right now isn’t making it worth the journey as I do want my own family one day and to own a house (what a dream in this economy, amirite). Performing orchestrally was something I thought I wanted, but I find my wants and passions changing as I grow older.

I guess I’m just looking to vent this out somewhere as I don’t have many people to talk to. Everyone I have spoken to about this has discouraged me or sneered at me for “giving up”. I’m not terribly close to my family and I don’t have many friendships to comfortably air this out to.

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