Should I (27F) study to become a dental hygienist to make $50 / hour?

I’m 27F who previously took a one year pre-health program at my local community college. I didn’t know what I wanted to do next, & so I missed the application deadline to apply to nursing, dental hygiene, or respiratory therapy (courses you take after pre-health). I’ve thought it over & I would like to go back & study dental hygiene as it pays ~$50 CAD per hour in my community. I have been earning around $18-$23 per hour the past few years and this raise would allow me to reach much desired adult milestones like purchasing a home, having kids, affording to enrol them in extracurriculars, save for retirement, etc. It’s very important that I set myself up for success and I see dental hygiene as my only path forward. I’ve earned a GED that in combination with my pre-health certificate meets the admission requirements. But as the next program begins next fall (2024), I’m going to earn a high school diploma over the 2023-2024 school year to increase my odds of getting an offer to my dental hygiene program (it’s a “highly competitive” program in my area). What are your thoughts on my career plans?

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