Should I move states for a 40% pay increase or wait for promotion at my current company?

I am about 15 months into my first job out of college. I’m an aerospace engineer and make about $80K. The job is fine and has a lot of the perks that I like. However, I was reached out to by a recruiter on LinkedIn a few months back and decided to humor the interview and I have recently recieved an offer at Boeing for a higher level position and $110K.
I currently live with my parents and am able to save big on living expenses, but this new role would require moving to a new state. I have done the math and it seems that I will still see a pay increase even after the move.
I have been in talks with managers at my current company and they have made some nebulous promises to me about a promotion in early 2024. It would certainly be preferable for me to just get promoted and get a pay increase at my current company instead of moving, so I am wondering if it is a good idea to take my company’s word and stick around for a potential promotion or just take the new offer I have?
I am also concerned about burning bridges leaving before 2 years since I have never been in this situation before. I want to move my career forward but not by burning bridges with companies that I may want to come back to at some point.

I have not yet disclosed to my current manager that I have recieved an offer.

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