What do you do When you feel like you’re failing at your job?

I’m a merchandising manager of what feels like a drowning team. I feel in love with merchandising I love watching the story come together. I love seeing the new clothes and accessories that come
In. I love dressing the mannequins. Doing shipment with my music playing is just so chill. It’s like physically demanding and sometimes I don’t wanna but I love my job. My team doesn’t tho. We’re all around the same age college students( I’m not in college) but they don’t care. They complain about everything the pay and everything else. I get it times are hard but like just do the job and move on please. My direct leader is transitioning into a new position and juggling her old and is looking
To me to make sure things are running smoothly and I feel like it’s not going well. My side of the store has more tedious tasks like folding leggings a certain way. Hanging bras, Sorting panties. The team just half asses or doesn’t do it at all. I’ve stayed hours late to finish up. I’ve come in on my off days. I’ve talked to me team I’ve tried finding new ways to maybe do things and its just not translating. The two store leaders are ready to fire the whole
Team and start over and at this point I’m not gonna stop them. I want it to flow I wanna finish shipment on time. I want
Things to get done properly. I wanna be an effective leader for a team who cares to be there. I’ve asked my team I’ve asked my leaders I’ve asked my counterpart what it is that needs to be done. Everyone just tells
Me they don’t care or how they don’t get paid enough or how they hate dealing with certain products. There’s one guy everyone baby sits and holds his hand his entire shift he’s literally in college I’m not baby sitting you. Do your job and leave that’s it and I feel like I’m failing because my team isn’t fulfilling the bare minimum. Granted I’ve been in role maybe 6 months at this point
and this Isnt a new issue. I want to grow and grow my team and have that back of
House dream team. I’m deeply
Considering visual merchandising as a career choice but I need my team to Care. I need my team to have my back like I have theirs. I just wanna go to work do my job and leave. I want the stock room to be clean. I want the product pushed to the floor and or back stocked nicely. I wanna be a good leader. I wanna be the fun nice leader you can talk to about life. I want to have great results. I want my time effort and care to be appreciated and visible but I feel like I’m pouring water down a sink right now and it’s killing my love for what I’m doing.

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