When I bring up a legitimate issue to my boss they go ballistic. Is it a harassment suit?


I’ve been working at my job for many years, working for a small family owned business. The owners son works for the company and misuses the company credit card. He “mistakenly” puts lots of his personal charges on the card, some of which are kind of embarrassing to have your personal life choices show up on a company credit card.

His mom covers for him and makes a zillion excuses. He doesn’t often pay back his charges on a timely basis. When I have stood up to her excuses she has gone ballistic on me, yelling and screaming.

It’s something that hasn’t just happened once but a few times now. I am not in the place mentally where I can start looking for a new job, but in the future is her yelling and screaming cause for a harassment suit against her and the company?


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