32F starting over! What career is remote and I can do with only certifications ?

Hi! I’m 32, I took a 8 week course 10 years ago and got lucky enough to have a career where I grew a lot as a person! I’m making 21 an hour and my take home is about $15 after benefits. My job is hard, rewarding and I’ve met some amazing people but it’s also physically challenging.

I want recommendations, what job can become a career I can do remotely and with only certifications? I don’t wanna go back to college. I’m a great communicator, I’m driven, and I work excellent under pressure. I just want something where I can turn in my work when I’m done and possibly work from anywhere within the US. What I do now is irrelevant cause remote work and what I do is unrelated.

My theory in life is that my job/career is only so I can have the life I wanna have, I want to make at-least $40 an hour and challenge myself through this new journey I’m in.

What are some certifications I can get so I can start over and work only remotely? All advice is welcome!

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