34 year old Video Editor applying for a job at McDonalds?

That’s what’s going on in my life- and I am not knocking McDonalds in any way, I’m looking forward to a new opportunity. I only mention it by name because I’m moving from a 50,000/annual position to a new career as a crew member at McDonalds, which pays less and is in a different field.


I’ve worked for 7-8 years doing various video work for various small businesses, promotional videos etc, and shot and edited a ton of weddings. Covid era ended the small wedding business I had in the oven. I have since taken a full time job with new company.

Recently, that company was acquired and they wiped our whole marketing team. No notice, a zoom call and best of luck.

I’ve been applying for all sorts of positions within video editing (remote would be perfect) and video production and have no real leads (Arizona based)

My interview with McDonalds is Monday at 9am and I hope I get this job.

From there though, what would you do?

I will be making less than half of what I previously was making.

What and how would you do if you were myself?

Thanks in Advance.

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