How long does it take to get used to a recent promotion?

Last week, I was promoted internally within my company from a junior position to being a department head. I got a huge raise and it’s a great title, I’m 27 and one of only two department heads in the company who isn’t a man. I’m grateful and excited for the opportunity.

I work remote and before, I used to be able to get my work done quickly and worked about 30–35 hours a week. I just finished my first week of the new position. I worked at least 60 hours.

I’m exhausted and overwhelmed. I am responsible for dozens of new projects, I have direct reports for the first time, and the emails keep piling up. I have lots of support from my manager, and everyone says I’m doing great, but I’m feeling like I’m promising a lot and gonna drop the ball any second. I feel like I have to do a great job to prove that promoting me wasn’t a mistake.

Does it get easier?

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