How would you handle a pay discrepancy between yourself and a coworker with less experience?

I have worked at my current job for over six years now. I recently learned that someone who previously worked a clerical job at my employer and who switched to the same position as me about a year ago makes more than me. They have still worked at the employer less time than me even though they had the other position before. It isn’t a ridiculously higher amount, around $1,000 more total/gross (we are salaried), but the fact that they have only worked the job for one year and had no prior experience is incredibly frustrating to me. This isn’t an isolated irritation either, the job has really been grating for a while now but this feels like the last straw. How should this be handled? If it matters, I work a government job at the county-level, so I imagine I’ll just be told to ask the director of my department, the county manager, head of HR or someone similar but thought I’d ask for general advice or suggestions here. Am I wrong to be so annoyed? Let me know if I need to provide more detail or context.

Thanks for any help.

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