i want to give up on psychology but have no plan b. what could i do instead?

i never had a job so i dont have any work experience, besides internship when i was around 10… i am somewhat fluent in 3 languages and am searching for a regular job without sucess so far. i started my degree in 2019. with the pandemic, i slowly stopped identifying with it… i dont want to be a therapist, i dont want to work with tests or hr… all i know is that i need some distance from it… i like to study and i still like some of the subjects, i just dont see myself working in that area anymore… so far all i know is that i always liked art and biology. cientific ilustration is something i am interested in but uncertain if it´s going pay well. so far i am uncertain about which career path to take. i dont care about being rich, i just wanna be able to pay for gym, move out of my parents house, and get my basic needs met. i just feel insecure about switching majors due to my age (25).

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