Is $15k more annually worth a lot of more responsibilities and a longer commute?

Sorry for the long post in advance, trying to give as many details as possible.

I currently work as a receptionist at a medspa that is a corporate chain. I work in Massachusetts and get paid $20.30 per hour, plus sales commissions. Sometimes my sales are an extra $200 per month, sometimes it’s $500. They recently cut our hours so I am only working 36 hours a week right now, with sales factored in; I make around $45k yearly.

I was offered a job as a manager at another medical spa, they only have 2 locations so it is not corporate. It is a salary of 60k per year. I am debating whether I should make the switch or not, and will explain the pros/cons of both.

My current job is VERY easy. I have a lot of downtime, enough that I sit on my phone and watch TV for a few hours everyday…it’s very low stress but obviously not great money. I like that here I am not micromanaged because my only manager is regional, she’s only been to my clinic twice in the last year, but unfortunately we will be getting clinic managers within the next month so that may all change. I also have a good amount of flexibility with my schedule and get to decide my hours for the most part. The negatives of this job are that I despise the company. They could not give less of a shit about their employees, or their customers, and they do not try to hide it. They constantly lay nurses off and cut our clinic hours, even though we are booked months out and have no availability for clients which upsets them. They are trying to raise profitability so they are constantly increasing prices, changing policies etc which upsets guests and I am the receptionist so I’m always the messenger. I have a pretty good set up now, but things have gotten worse since I started and I see it getting even worse once we get in-clinic management.

The new job is $60k salaried. I have never worked a salary position before so I am a little nervous. It is a lot more responsibility, I would be doing their social media, still doing receptionist work, some sales, managing staff, hiring / firing ETC & I have never had that much responsibility before. I am a little nervous about how much they would expect the position to be sales based, because my previous job was sales and I left because I hated the pressure of being expected to hit a certain number every month.

The new job would also be a considerably longer commute. Right now I commute 30 miles (one way) to my job, if I’m lucky and there’s no traffic it’s 25 minutes but typically 40 min, if traffic is REALLY bad it takes me an hour. The new job is 43 miles away, and WITHOUT traffic would be 45 min, with traffic I expect it to be anywhere from an hour to 90 min which is a huge con for me.

I am conflicted because though I like my job and the people I work with, I am so worried that if I don’t take this offer I will regret it, especially with all the changes my company has been implementing. There is also 0 room for growth in my current position. I am young (23) with no degree besides an esthetics license so I feel this may be my only opportunity to make more money, everywhere around here only pays medspa receptionist $17-22hr so I feel like I’m at the max I will make without moving up into a more stressful position. Is the jump from $45k to $60k worth the risk? What would you do in my position? My bf and I live with his parents rent free (bless them) but we are trying to save to buy a house as well…

Please help me. Sorry if any of this was confusing, I’m just overwhelmed. Thanks.

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