Should I Leave My Current Job For A New One?

I’m a 26m working as a Network Engineer. I’ve been working in IT since I was 21, and within the last five years have worked for three different employers, my current one being the best job I’ve ever had. I recently had a friend vouch for me for a new job as a Network Engineer working alongside him to build the network and go through the accreditation for a new network. The new job is a great opportunity and would give me a chance to grow and be more challenged at work and would give me a 20% pay increase. With my two weeks submitted, my manager asked me what it would take to stay, and I said it would take a pay match and more responsibilities. The next day at work, my employer pulled me aside, verbally agreed to my terms, and said they’d see about getting me a bonus as well. I told him I needed it in writing, but it would be hard not to consider staying. I’ve never been in a situation where it was hard to leave a job.

Now here are the pros and cons of both jobs.
My Current Job.
\- Good working relationship with my Boss and coworkers
\- Quality work-life balance
\- Low-stress environment
\- Rotating shift work between working Monday-Friday and Weekends
\- Work is slow and tasks are often relatively easy so I’m not challenged at work.
New Job
\- More work and Responsibilities
\- Could provide me with more experience and career opportunities in the future.
\- Only working Monday-Friday with some exceptions
\- Potential travel throughout the year
\- Risk for less work life balance.

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