Should I wait for this job to get back to me or just apply elsewhere?


So I found a dreamjob, well as far as working conditions and actual tasks, the pay is pretty bad. But I am willing to do it for a few years because I need a bit of time to chill out in my career and need to learn more about this particular area.

The problem is that they are so indecisive.

I went for the first interview over a month ago, then they email me about once a week, they wanted a second intv, a reference, a psych eval, all fairly normal things but theyve been waiting a week to get back to me each time.

I’ve just done the final interview between me and one other person, and they basically said they’ve decided to go with me – hashed out salary and got my details to set up a company profile or whatever, but they haven’t given me a written offer or contract or start date. They might still be deciding (its a small company so its just the boss himself deciding).

It’s getting very annoying.

I think they are probably waiting for work to amp up to the point where they really need the increased staff, but I don’t want to wait around forever for this, and I want out of my current situation.

I know it never hurts to apply for a bunch of other jobs, but its a small industry where everyone knows eachother so I can’t just spam things.

The other thing is that the other jobs have much worse working conditions, that i wouldn’t enjoy, but they do pay more. I’m worried if I get offers from those jobs though I’d be too tempted and take them even though its not what’s best for my career path (and mental health) at this point.

At what point do I just give up?


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