What should I do if I do not have a good reason for gaps in employment?

depression, laziness etc. I can expound upon this but like, any time I try to google it, its immediately assumed that I stopped working for a good reason. I have a really shitty, spotty work career and I’m prone to long bouts of depression where the whole job acquisition process feels like way too much
looking for general advice on how to build from scratch, or worse than scratch I suppose

more context
31 M

Generally worked food service / hospitality

hopped jobs alot while young

left most jobs without 2 week notice

last 2 jobs have been better but .. both bouts of employment only around a year with gaps in between

fired from second to last job (new manager immediately put had a target on my back)

laid off from last job as a cafe manager due to the store closing down (I really, really liked this place..)


now I’ve been unemployed for 6 months due to a mix of depressive inaction and inability to adapt to the current job market.


any guidance is helpful, sorry for poor formatting .. I’m kind of desperate and pouring my thoughts out. thank you

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