Ask if negotiation was possible, now nervously waiting. Did I seriously mess up?

I started interviewing with this company over a month ago. The job posting listed as salary range of 55-60k. The first interview was with HR that was a basic run through my resume and she just briefly asked if the range listed was ok. At the time, it was as I currently make less, so I said yes. We didn’t discuss specifics and she just passed on my info to the team.

I go through two more interviews with the team, did a project, and a final interview presenting my project. The team seemed to like me because they said they would reach out in just a few days sounding very positive.

A few days pass, nothing, I follow up next week. I followed up with my possible future manager and HR separately. Manager saying they wanted to move forward with me last week but is waiting on HR. HR says they have some meetings about the role, but rest assured I am the top candidate.

Another week passes, the manager emails me without me following up, just apologizing it’s taking longer than expected and she knows the wait can be stressful. I was really thankful and still had high spirits. I follow up with HR just asking for an estimate when to hear back, and she said end of next week as their management has been traveling. In this time, I thought more about the role and did some market research. I realize the job should be offering more than the range they had listed. I saw on Glassdoor competing companies in the area are closer to 70k for this role. I was back and forth in my mind if it was worth bringing up because this is a great name in the industry.

Time comes, Thursday right after working hours, I get a call and it’s HR basically saying they are offering me the job and she wanted to call me right away since she knows I was waiting for so long. I was honestly surprised she called without setting a time, but also very grateful. She stated the offer was 60k, but will be hourly, so $29/hr. I was a bit thrown off because of the timing of the phone call but also finding out it’s an hourly position. I was trying to think about it and not say anything too soon. I didn’t completely say I accepted the offer but was so excited to hear after the long wait. She said there were some great candidates but they wanted me, and that she’ll send me more details of benefits in the morning.

Next day, she sends me the offer typed in email with PDFs of benefits. She said, once I accept, she will send me “final offer letter”. I figured this is my last chance to possibly negotiate. I didn’t want to regret not even trying even though this number was acceptable for me to live. I responded by first being extremely excited for the offer and thanking her for calling me personally last night and that I enjoyed the rest of the team during my interviews. Because the job listing already had a range and they gave me the top number, I asked first if there was room to possibly negotiate. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself if that is their fixed budget. I thought it would be fine, come back and either say yes and I state my case or no take it or leave it. The day goes by and no response. I am starting to worry. I know it was Friday and I think they have summer Fridays so maybe she didn’t have time to negotiate at that moment. But I would like to know if this looked extremely bad that they would rescind the offer or something?? I’m just extremely anxious now waiting over the weekend and don’t know what to think about the situation. I’m reading more and more articles online and can’t help but feel I messed up one way or another. Any advice while I wait would be so helpful to understand where I stand as I don’t know what HR is thinking. I usually never negotiate and regret it after I hear my other coworkers negotiated, but now I wonder if this was the worst time to do it. I also am wondering, if they say yes in some way, what would be the best way to go about it.

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